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Godzilla Kisses

I'm worth a million in prizes

question mark with teeth
11 August
I am a queer, fat, butch, feminist, genderqueer, pervert, radical, outspoken sort of person -- and that's probably why you're reading me. If not, maybe it's because I'm the non-traditional ("alternative"?) mother of twins. Or, perhaps you know me best from my writing and editing? I have a couple anthologies under my byline, plus a couple dozen short stories scattered here and there. I'm probably best-known as a smut writer although I am kinda-sorta retired from that. I am also fairly well-known as a nonfiction magazine writer, with clips in Curve and a long-running music column in the now-defunct Girlfriends magazine. I also do poetry, speculative fiction, and just plain unclassifiable stuff. When I have time, that is.

For fun, I cook and eat a lot. I read a lot of books of all sorts (no, really, cookbooks to ancient history to media theory to spec fic to...). I watch trashy movies on DVD and sometimes in the theater. I garden in pots, awkwardly but with much enthusiasm. I don't drink coffee or alcohol, but you'll have guessed by now that that hardly makes me a Mormon. ("Don't drink, don't smoke, what do you do?") I really do like long walks on the beach, though, preferably in the middle of the night. Also cemeteries, gardens, and parks. I also like dancing, in crowds or where nobody can see me at all. I only sing when I think nobody can overhear me.(Parenthood changes you in all sorts of interesting ways...) I like lilacs and tiger lilies and morning glories.

This is my personal journal. That is, I talk mostly about my day-to-day life here, and not so much about writing or editing or whatnot, except as that intersects with my everyday life. Which it does, and often, but usually obliquely. I do post reviews, and events, and snippets of works in progress, but irregularly.

Also, a disclaimer:

I consider this journal a work in progress. More importantly, I consider this journal as a whole "the work," and the entries in it more like chapters.

In other words, some of what I say here depends on the context of previous entries.

I realize that I have made it difficult to easily access said context by, oh, I dunno, not tagging my entries, or giving them titles, or the like. My bad. Maybe I will fix this going back, or into the future. I don't know. We'll see. I'll try.

In the meantime, I really don't want to make this journal friends-only or not public. I like having this journal resemble an ongoing conversation that people can overhear, listen into, and eventually join.

But it's a good idea to listen for a while before jumping in. OK? That's all I really ask.


P.S. Partly as a result of the aforementioned, this journal is not safe space (whatever that means. This still isn't it). I refuse to be anyone's emotional caretaker here. This is my journal and my space and my rules. This is not a community space, it's a personal (if public) one. Please modify your expectations accordingly.

P.P.S. There are people on my "friend's list" whom I do not know in RL, and people I know and like in RL who are not on my "friend's list." It's nothing personal if you're added or not added, and most of my entries are unlocked*, so you're not missing much regardless.

* (Most specifically, I tend to lock work-related posts, and often unlock them later.)