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reading tiger

Lori weighs in on the burning topics of our time

What I think of the CDC Guidelines: 1) Mostly a bad (though telling)(and unintentionally amusing) choice of words. 2) I still want more emphasis on access and education to contraception, thanks.

What I think of the Tiptree Long List: 1) You're allowed not to like things on an awards list. 2) The processes of even awards you like and respect are not without flaw or question. 3) I think there is a misunderstanding of the nature and purpose of the long list happening. I am not sure where it came from. 4) I'm not sure it's worth all the kerfuffle.


5) When an award you like has a process or a result you think is flawed, consider evaluating that flaw in the context of the award's history and standing, rather than if it was a stand-alone result.
Oh, and I can tell you offline where I believe it came from, if you care.
I do care and am interested, esp. as I am a longlistee. (Which I found out at Clarion, by someone digging through the archives at the library. That's a story I should tell you someday.)
I'm also interested in the answer to that, if that wouldn't be prying.
me three with the interest in where it came from if you feel open to talking with me about it.

hey--see you next week (both debbie and lori!).
Does this make the nomination eligible for a meta-Tiptree, for expanding discussion of expanding discussion of gender roles? ;)

Excuse me -- not nomination. Longlisting. My error...
Yes, exactly so! I'd rather see it win a meta-Tiptree than the award that nihilistic_kid is sarcastically proposing in his journal. But then, that's his chosen role, and he fills it so well.
Oh, and some of the responses to Nick's post are worth it. I'm sorry, the Hawkeye/Yossarian bit is going to dance in my head for days.
Thanks! I would have skipped the thread, and I'm *ahem* glad I didn't.