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reading tiger

A minor administrative note, in numbered list form.

1. I am still here.
2. I am still reading. (Books, that is, see below.)
3. I don't know how much I will be posting, besides my reading notes. We'll see how it goes.
4. I am trying to keep up with my, uh, "reading list" here, but I expect to fail. (Also see below.)
5. I am under massive deadlines and when I am not, I have been hustling like crazy. I expect things to loosen up during the summer but, again, we'll see. This is why I haven't been posting recently, and why I haven't read or commented on your post.
6. I have not deleted my LJ and have no plans to, but for many years now I have been posting here and mirroring it at LJ because I expect the latter to go belly-up without warning when its time comes, and I have higher hopes of getting advanced notice here at DW. I just didn't make it a point to call attention to my double-barrel action, is all.