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reading tiger

Reading Wednesday, Darkness Falls Edition

A lot has happened in the world since I last joined you. I am going to mostly ignore that for the moment.

I finished Where Dead Voices Gather and as I believe I mentioned earlier, I am glad I stuck with it, even if I wanted to slap Nick Tosches once or twice, including near the end again. But it was worthwhile reading for both the erstwhile subject and to see how Tosches handled being very present in the narrative and honest about his obsession (if, perhaps, not ultimately as reflective as I'd like).

Now I am reading Tender Points by Amy Berkowitz, a "literary nonfiction" book-length musing on fibromyalgia, gendered illnesses, trauma, chronic pain, and, you know, stuff. Amy is local, her book is tremendous so far. And seems an appropriate read right now, what can I say.