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reading tiger

Reading and Listening

I stalled out of the book I was reading, which is a fine book, award-winning, even, but apparently just not to my taste at the moment so I will leave it anonymous.

I am saving room in my schedule for tackling Jeff Chang's "We Gon' Be Alright" as soon as it comes in. Meanwhile, I am reading cookbooks.

I did finally finish "The Real Meaning of Smekday" with the kids. It's delightful and makes the movie even more disappointing. I hear good things about the spin-off TV show, though. We'll have to check it out. We have started on "Anansi Boys" b/c, well, Anansi, which is to say that we have exhausted all children's picture books about Anansi, and all the collections of Anansi stories we could find at the library, too, and the kids still love Anansi stories and I happen to have one on my shelf so why not. So far so good. Gaiman's lazy writing tics irritate me here and there but I can keep that to myself.

But the next book I read to them, whatever it is, is going to be *really short*.

And then maybe I will have to chase down more Dickens...

This week's earworm is more or less about the secret history of K-Tel's "40 Funky Hits."


Last week's was wedding-themed:



I'm going to have to look into this Smekday thing.

Have you tried Cat Valente's "The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Boat of Her Own Making" on them? I really enjoyed the first one, second one was pretty good, third and fourth I tired of but I think they may be better out loud books than "reading to myself when I'm really tired right before I fall asleep" because I'm skimming and not taking it in. I tried to start the last one, realized it was just not the mood I'm in right now, and decided to re-read her "Palimpsest" instead.

I was bummed to find that Amazon and iTunes do not seem to have "40 Funky Hits." Haven't found a torrent either. Boo.
We read "The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland" sometime last year or so. I found the sequel so-so so I was putting it and the subsequent books off for now, although they're free to read them to themselves any time.

"Smekday" is silly but in all the right ways.