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reading tiger

Reading and Listening

I finished The Haters, it was cute and satisfying and it avoided the obvious choices, I think I will stock it in the bookstore.

I started Lidia Yuknavitch's The Small Backs of Children on the recommendation of one of my co-workers, who adored it. It crackles with ambition, but I'm not sure if I really like it yet. We'll see. I think the biggest turnoff, to be honest, are the artist characters. So many! The poet, the writer, the filmmaker, the photographer, the playwright. For those who like salacious details like this, I am told that there are myriad autobiographical elements (the writer is married to a filmmaker; Yuknavitch is married to a filmmaker. The writer has a dead child; Yuknavitch has a dead child. Etc., etc). The second-biggest turnoff is that sometimes I feel like it's trying too hard in an overwritten way. But I'm hanging with it because I think it's doing some interesting stuff nonetheless.


I felt the same way. Her memoir, The Chronology of Water, is one of my favorite books of all time, but although I wanted to like Small Backs, I don't think it quite hit it for me. Some amazing moments, but not enough there, and a bit trying too hard. I wish I felt differently.