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reading tiger

Reading! Listening! Wednesday! On Schedule!

This week's Earworm Weekly column is on Amy Winehouse's version of "Our Day Will Come."


I'm currently reading an ARC of Haters by Jesse Andrew of Me and Earl and the Dying Girl fame. I would never, ever have picked up this novel on my own -- it's YA, it's got a straight boy as the viewpoint character, it's realistic fiction.

So far, though, it's funny as heck and I am enjoying it a lot.

My boss half-asked, half-assigned me to read this book because it's got a music theme. Our straight boy and his best friend and the girl they meet at jazz camp are the haters, the ones who cannot simply love something unreservedly, but pick it apart almost obsessively, definitely reflexively. In other words, what they really need is to develop a double consciousness, but in the meantime, they flee jazz camp and head out on the road as a power trio trying to score gigs on the fly. Hilarity and police pursuit ensue, and we'll see what else.

Like Me and Earl and the Dying Girl, the book has lots of lists and conversation transcripts and suchlike breaking up the text, in a good way. It's a fast read, too. And the publishers clearly expect it to be a big hit, because it came in extra-fancy packaging complete with a box shaped like a guitar. Which made me predisposed to be annoyed at the book, by the way, but I'm over it.