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reading tiger

Reading and Listening: Still Here!

I think I skipped last week's entry entirely by accident. Sorry! I'm still here! And even reading other people's posts!

This week's music column is on Tori Amos, and last week's was about Claudine Clark and the Superbowl.



I finished Dead Ladies Project and promptly installed it on the "staff picks" shelf at work. Now I am cleaning up old bits and pieces of reading, plus magazines and cookbooks as usual, and thrashing around trying to find a new book to read. You wouldn't think this would be so hard when you work in a bookstore, but you would be wrong.

Reading Erik the Viking by Terry Jones to the kids. They are enjoying the hell out of it, and so am I. I'm working on clearing out a new bookshelf for all their "chapter books" (which include some old SF paperbacks and such, hence the scoff quotes).

P.S. while I'm here: have I mentioned yet that I'm engaged? Wedding planning is thus taking up a large portion of my brain space as well.


Congrats on the engagement!
Aw. I miss Tori. But I didn't care for that album. (Maybe it's time to give it a listen again?)
Congrats on the engagement! If you want recs for sane places in the online wedding world, let me know.

When they are old enough Ursula Vernon's _Dragonbreath_ and _Hamster Princess_ series are fun, with sneaky science bits, and it's that big type/comic hybrid style that is very young reader engaging.
Woo hoo! Congratulations on your engagement.
Congratulations! You two are adorable (though you certainly have competition from the twins ;)!!!