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reading tiger

Reading and Listening

This week's Earworm Weekly is on David Bowie's "Young Americans." Why that song in particular? Read the column and see.


I've been reading "Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!", the monumental history of pop by Bob Stanley. I am cutting Stanley a bit of slack b/c he's British, but this book is really white, y'all. And also heavily balanced toward the boys. It's completely an unconscious bias, I can tell, and Stanley *tries* to be fair and even-handed (and passes my litmus test of not dismissing girl groups in the early years of the 1960s, probably b/c his project is pop, not rock), and I'm still very much enjoying the book, but it's strange how glaring this is to me now.

Also reading cookbooks again, most notably Lucky Peach's first cookbook, "101 Easy Asian Recipes." They really are easy and more importantly completely unpretentious, and they basically just refuse to even address any aspect of the issue of "authenticity" on purpose. Instead, they write hilarious end notes to the recipes and design the book (fonts, photos) as if it was one of those 1970s Time World Cuisine cookbooks. I love it, I love it. I will be eating from it a lot and chuckling often.


thanks for the "My Death" link in that column.
enjoying reading your earworm columns, even when they do get stuck in my head :)