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reading tiger

Reading Wednesday, in brief

Watch Maggie Nelson take down Zizek and pals with one swipe!*

"Honestly I find it more embarrassing than enraging to read Baudrillard, Zizek, Badio, and other revered philosophers of the day pontificating on how we might save ourselves from the humanity-annihilating threat of the turkey baster (which no one uses, by the way; the preferred tool is an oral syringe) in order to protect the fate of this endangered "sexed being." And by sexed, make no mistake: they mean one of two options."..."These are the voices that pass for radicality in our times."

The Argonauts is turning into one of those books that I have started to read very slowly because I don't want it to end.

*With special guest appearance by Dr. Carol Queen, not in Argonauts but in the Zizek article Nelson is rightly exasperated by; I hadn't realized she was quoted when I went in search of how "Masturbate-a-thon" became the entirely less euphonic "masturbathon," and don't you dare think I don't hear you deliberately echoing "disturb" there, beardo. In the end, The Center for Sex and Culture must be doing something right if it draws the ire of both Fox News and hetero Euro leftist philosophers. One little event in London and it's the end of civilization. Who knew?