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reading tiger

Reading Wednesday Loses Track of Time Again

You'd think that having a shiftwork job would fix the calendar more firmly in my mind, but nooo. Heavy deadlines at the beginning of the week plus preparation for important holidays plus an errant migraine yesterday morning means that I've slipped to Thursday again. Oops.

I'm about to embark upon Maggie Nelson's The Argonauts. I can't wait. It seems like half the bookstore is reading this book; we may be single-handedly responsible for the fact that we can't keep it in stock.

Also this week I had to answer the dreaded question, "what do you like to read?" This is easy to answer when the person asking knows little about books. It's impossible when it's someone who knows a lot. "What do you write?" is only marginally easier, probably due to practice.

(Also also this week, it seems that men younger than me completely trust my opinion on children's books. Yay!)