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reading tiger

Earworm Tuesday Meets Reading Wednesday

My latest SF Weekly column is about Ella Fitzgerald and the weather: http://www.sfweekly.com/shookdown/2015/09/15/earworm-weekly-september-has-been-too-darn-hot

This week, the kids and I finished Un Lun Dun and took a brief detour into Sex Is A Funny Word, which was *intense*. (The book has questions for readers to answer out loud. Many discussions ensued.) Now they have chosen The Last Unicorn as our next bedtime "long book."

Meanwhile, I have been reading Positive Sports Parenting, a booklet put out by the Positive Coaching Alliance. It was assigned to parents participating in the soccer league I signed the kids up for this season, but it's really quite an excellent resource.

Expect more book chatter henceforth, as I just started a part-time job in a bookstore, Laurel Book Store in downtown Oakland to be precise. If you're a local, stop in and say hi once my schedule firms up; I'll probably be working closing shifts for a while, twice a week and some Saturdays.


Yay! Looking forwards to more book and job news.