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reading tiger

SF Weekly: "Shake It Off" Is My Divorce Anthem

My latest column for the SF Weekly is up; it's on Taylor Swift and "Shake It Off" as my divorce anthem. You can read it here. I am amused at how personal/memoirish these columns are turning out to be. I didn't think that they would be quite so personal when I pitched the column, certainly, and as a rule I find it very hard to write about myself in any coherent fashion. But this seems to be a good frame for me.


Great column.

We have satellite radio in our car for a few months and I feel like the main thing I've learned from having so many stations to choose from is that I like pop music more than rock music. It's definitely thought of as more bubblegum, but I'm going to stop calling it a guilty pleasure.
I love the personal-ness of the columns. And I like listening to music I haven't heard before. I enjoyed Taylor Swift.