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reading tiger

Reading Wednesday Dithers a Bit Before Getting Down to Business

This week has been surprisingly busy. I picked up a new contract and apparently I am pursuing a new "career" as a virtual personal assistant, at least for now. I also had an interview today with a friendly recruiter that I think went well. Passers-by commented on how good I was looking as I rode the BART, which is unusual and which I choose to take at face value.

I also had a soccer game last night, saw Sir Alex Ferguson almost within arm's length, and once again admired Avaya Stadium down by the San Jose airport (as in, you can watch planes take off across the street from the open end of the stadium). It's small but lovely. It may be my favorite stadium ever.

Walking up to the gate, I was prompted to think about how much of my life has been spent attending medium-to-large sporting events. See: growing up in a Big Ten college town.

ll of this contributes to why I am still reading The Big Rumpus. Correction to previous: parenting adventures also include early-aught Brooklyn. Right now, though, I am reading an extended flashback section about the birth of her first kid in the East Village, which included a stint in the NICU for inexplicable reasons. I admit to being a sucker for NICU stories that ended well, and yes this might have something to do with Simone's 24-hour stay in same to dry her lungs out. Kelly Link's story in Get in Trouble was similar, not helped by the fact that I know how she knows so much about that particular setting.