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reading tiger

Wednesday Summer Reading

Still working on Get in Trouble. I am also reading a lot of stuff as research for some stories I am working on, so I'm now the happy owner of one of those old dual editions of "Romeo and Juliet/West Side Story" that you had to read in high school, plus an old Pulphouse short story paperback edition of "Yours Truly, Jack the Ripper." (Different stories. I promise.) Also some critical studies, because that's how I roll.

In bedtime story land, we are at the final! climactic! conclusion! of Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH, which, like Girl at the Bottom of the Sea is basically just one long flashback in the middle, isn't it? But with more philosophy, I think. Like, there are serious moral issues being weighed by the rats here! And although the story does eventually weigh in on which choice is better via plot device, it doesn't feel too heavy-handed (although as a writer I still regret that Jenner doesn't get to make a go of it on his own, on his own terms).


That's a shame

The "(Different stories. I promise.)" bit, I mean.

"Romeo and Juliet! Together, they fight crime!"

A serial killer is stalking New York and Officer Krupke has no clue so plucky singing and dancing gangbangers set aside their differences to track down the culprit.

The elevator pitches write themselves...

Re: That's a shame

See today's post :)