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reading tiger

Someday I want to write a humorous essay on why so many Mediterranean cookbooks follow the same "ingredient plus ingredient" formula when formulating their title: Rose Water and Orange Blossoms. Olive Trees and Honey. The Olive and the Caper. Olives and Oranges. Pomegranate and Roses. Crazy Water and Preserved Lemons. Cardamom and Lime. And that's just from a quick scan of my bookshelves.


I want to read this essay. (Also, I want to write a series of sequels to _A Passion For Potatoes_, like _An Appetite For Artichokes_, _A Yen for Yams_, and _A Tropism for Turnips_.)
What the devil is crazy water?
Crazy water is a poaching liquid for fish spiked with chilies and tomatoes.