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reading tiger

I have an idea that venture capitalists should get their asses in gear to throw money at me for. The problem with Care.com and UrbanSitter.com and other sites of this type is that basically, nobody wants to trust their kids to a stranger they hooked up with over the Internet. To oversimplify horribly and all.

So instead of matchmaking strangers, they should repurpose the friendship-network model used by Friendster, FetLife, etc., except specifically for care providers. Because people love that friend-of-a-friend networking for these kinds of things. They love it because it works and it eases their anxieties. You're already vouched for, and there's social pressure to provide good service, and social pressure not to be an asshole boss.

Now where's my check?


That is actually fucking BRILLIANT. So, so smart! I thought I'd be pretty chill about leaving her with sitters before she was born, but now it's almost unimaginable. She's been babysat by family and friends only, which will obviously not be tenable forever. I love your idea.
If anyone reading this knows of such a network, please tell me about it.