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reading tiger

Reading Wednesday: Exit, Pursued by a Bear

I will finish Dendera by the end of the day, and I like it just as much as I expected I would. I like the old women, who are all their own people with their own flaws, irritations and personal motives and goals. I like the bear. I like the existential tension that complements the moment-to-moment austerity and struggle of life in Dendera. This is a chewy book, my favorite kind.

I also got the second collection of Ms. Marvel in the mail yesterday and I am reading it ahead of my kids. Ms. Marvel has just met Wolverine and my tiny inner X-fan is squeeing *just like Ms. Marvel is squeeing in the book* and it's all very meta and I love it.


Thank you for your recs on this book. I'm going to have to get it. (-: