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reading tiger

Grandmother of Reading Wednesday

This week I am reading Yuya Sato's Dendera and enjoying it immensely, just as I suspected I would. I mean, a village of seventy-plus-year-old women who have banded together after being abandoned to die, versus a starving mother bear (who gets to be a viewpoint character in some sections), what's not to love?

Sato's back-of-the-book biography reads: "[He] is a is a writer of “strange fiction,” which features fantastic or horrific concepts treated in a refined literary style." Hm. In that case, I am a writer of 'strange fiction,' too. It sure sounds better than "that weird and creepy shit I've been working on," for sure.


Might this be a possible addition to my ongoing older female protagonists in SF/F? I'm not familiar with the book, but it sounds interesting.