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reading tiger

Still Here

I just don't have a lot to say these days. I'm not sure why. All the ephemeral stuff is going over on FB, for sure, and it's easier to load and display pictures there too, so there's that. But that's not all of it. I'm not worrying about it, I'm trying to go with the flow. (Honestly, I think part of it is that I used to use LJ as a procrastinatory distraction from my desk job, and now I don't have a desk job and haven't for a while. Now when I procrastinate, I'm somewhere else.)


I was going to write up a weekend update in which I regaled you with tales of the Oakland Running Festival; I'm only running a few days late. April ran her first 5K and came in third among 6-year-old girls. Then she went into the bouncy house for a while, and then she ran her second race, the "fun run" for kids. Simone ran with her and so did G.

As I am really quite seriously not a morning person and weekdays are hard enough on me, I slept through the start of the 5K at 7-mumble in the morning and walked down the hill to join my family at the end of the fun run instead, around 9 am. I passed a Gatorade station set up for the marathoners. There was a DJ and a handful of volunteers, all full of smiles and dancing on the sidewalk. We got to see the first few marathoners come in to the downtown area. There were tons of people in Snow Park (a small little hill of grass with some lovely shade trees right by Lake Merritt), but at no point did it feel too crowded, and the side streets were all pretty quiet.

There were some food trucks, and I bought April some chicken chunks by request because it is difficult to resist reasonable requests from children who have just run their first 5K. She didn't like them so I ate them for her. I think she thought the truck -- WhipOut!, with a whippet dog theme -- would have hot dogs, to be honest.

Our friend Eli, who is/was on LJ but I've forgotten his handle, accompanied April for her race because it turns out it's hard to find someone who can keep up with a small determined running child for 5 kilometers (thus eliminating her parents) but who isn't competitive enough to want to run their *own* race. The latter was the hitch for the kids' classmate Anna, whose father came in third in the 5K. Nice trophy. Anna ran the fun run instead.

All in all, it was a very pleasant day that filled me with the warmth of civic pride. Here's to many similar weekends to come.


Congrats to April on her first 5K run! Your accounts of her makes me think, "So this is what a natural athlete is like." I really enjoy hearing about your fabulous kids.

I never thought about needing a responsible and fit adult needing to accompany a child on a race, but duh, it makes sense. So hooray for Eli too!