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November 2nd, 2017

reading tiger

Books I have read recently but have little to say about, a list

* Homegoing, Yaa Gyasi (thumbs up)
* Black Wave, Michelle Tea (conditional thumbs up)
* Ambassador, William Alexander (children's book, major thumbs up, but also major cliffhanger so buy it with the sequel, see below)
* The Refrigerator Monologues, Catherynne Valente (thumbs up)
* Blue Highways, William Least Heat-Moon (thumbs up)
* Miss Rhythm, the autobiography of Ruth Brown (because I was working on a profile of Brown for NPR (!!!)) (thumbs up, it won an award for a reason)
* maybe some things that were not thumbs up? And they have thus escaped my mind.

Now reading:

* The Art of Flavor, by Mandy Aftel and Daniel Patterson
* Nomad, William Alexander
* several new cookbook acquisitions
* a big honkin' second-language acquisition textbook