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reading tiger

An Active Weekend Update

I know I've been talking up April's natural athleticism since she was about 6 months old, but every once in a while she busts out with something that makes me realize that some of the talk I am doing is creating a space in my head for me, a couch potato by natural inclination, to have a child who is really this active and interested in just about all forms of physical expression, from dance to sports. But especially sports. Hey, I love sports! I just usually watch them rather than play. Creating space in my head makes it easier to create space in my schedule, and so on.

Anyway. This weekend, April spent the first part of Saturday at FogCon in the company of Uncle Bear Daddy and her cousin and another caretaker. They were delivered back to us just in time for Our Family Coalition's annual Family Day at the Berkeley YMCA. Three hours of playing basketball and soccer, tumbling, bouncy house bouncing, and then swimming in the pool. She swam nonstop. She didn't even fall asleep in the car on the way home.

Sunday morning we had a birthday party in the park to attend. Three more hours of playing on the playground, running around the park pursuing clues for a Scooby-Do mystery game, and so on. At the end of the party she was ready to do a whole 'nother round.

Last weekend, she won us free tickets to an upcoming Baby Loves Disco for being an expressive and enthusiastic dancer (yay hip-hop class!) for another three solid hours with no signs of stopping.

So we've signed her up for the Oakland Running Festival 5K in March. And I am looking at soccer programs for the fall because, well, soccer involves a lot of running and requires plenty of stamina, and also she really wants to. We've taken to practicing goal-shooting in the mornings before school. I'm a pretty decent keeper for a stiff old woman in clogs. I took on three at a time at the Y...


Wouldn't it be nice if we could have, like, a tenth of her energy? What an energizer bunny! And it's really lovely that you hear your child and nurture her interests :) Seth and I sometimes joke about what we'll do if ours wants to be a cheerleader, but actually I hope we'd be very encouraging.

You're always talking about these amazing classes that your kids take, and I love that. They clearly do, too. Do you find discounted ones or are they free? Or super expensive?
Most of the classes they've taken so far have been through their school's after-school program, and they're heavily discounted. Their capoeira class was/is covered by their cousin-slash-nanny but it also looks pretty affordable; she has also occasionally "gifted" them a class here and there, as have other relatives. Lego Club is free at the library once a month.
Classes as gifts is such a great idea! The grandparents keep spending money on silly clothes for her, which we so appreciate, but it's good to know we can direct the impulse towards something more useful in the future :)