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reading tiger

Reading Wednesday is Hungry

I took a break this week to catch up on back issues of Science News and peruse a lot of cookbooks. I'm still kind of trying to decide what to read next.

There's something personally amusing to be in this state the same week that Tempest's "I Challenge You to Stop Reading White, Straight, Cis Male Authors for One Year" article came out and made so many (tiresome, predictable) waves. "Reading Wednesday" posts are not an entirely accurate indicator of what I read over the course of a year (I omit mentions of certain books for various reasons, including but not limited to "I read a book by a friend and I was only lukewarm about it," because it's more polite to pretend that I never read it at all), but out of curiosity I went and looked over the course of 2014. I had thought that the last fiction book I'd read by a presumed-straight, cis white guy was "Les Miserables," which took up half the year (!), but I was wrong; the last one was "Rides of the Midway" by Lee Durkee, which I did not like precisely because it focused on the dopey het white dude main character and not any of the more interesting secondary characters. So much so that I rewrote it in my head. (I guess that means my recent tweet was inaccurate. Oh well.</a>)

Anyway, I am not taking the challenge because reasons but it was interesting to look back over my posts, and look at the piles of books in my house waiting to be read, and ponder. It's a great thought experiment that I recommend highly. P.S. I also recommend nihilistic_kid's discussion in this context, and Silvia Moreno-Garcia's post as well.