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reading tiger

Once upon a time I set a record for an acceptance in less than 24 hours.

Today I set a record for a rejection in less than 24 hours. Following closely on the heels of a rejection that took less than 48.

They were both encouraging rejections, and it is kind of a difficult story; otherwise, I might have taken to my bed for the week. As it is, let's mark it up as a dubious victory for our new age of technology.


I had a very similar experience a couple of months ago, in the same order, though both happened in the same month and both within 24 hours of submission, which gave me some serious whiplash.

I actually thinking getting a quick rejection feels better, at this point, than those times when someone holds something for a year, and I watch on Duotrope as it makes it to the final five submissions they are holding over and over again, with quarterly issues coming out in between, and then they finally put a bullet in it once and for all with a form response as though they hadn't been holding it, considering it, holding it, considering it for a year.

Good times at the writing grind.
I resolutely do not track my stories. It would be bad for my head.