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reading tiger

Hey Ho, A Weekend Update, Valentine's Style, Sort Of

My children are really into Valentine's Day. I must have received at least four Valentines in the weeks leading up to the day itself. The cats got one each from the kids. Daddy has some somewhere, too. Most of these are just postcards colored in with pencil (my kids prefer colored pencil above all other media for some reason), but it's the thought that counts. The kids had a ball making homemade Valentines for their classmates -- it's a small class so this is eminently manageable, especially if you just hand over rubber stamps and ink and all manner of heart-shaped stickers and some pink index cards and just let them go to to town.

But making Valentines is not enough, it seems. April requested that we go out to eat as a family together on V-Day. While it's probably easier to get a table for four that night than you might think, still the idea of trying to eat out during the dinner hour on this particular holiday gave me hives. So I suggested brunch instead. This took us to Lois the Pie Queen in West Oakland, which we've been meaning to try since forever but have been hampered by that whole getting-out-of-the-house-before-noon-on-weekends problem. We made it this time, though! And ate fried chicken and waffles and pancakes and biscuits and all that good stuff, plus pie of course, in a little triangular dining room. No fancy stuff, no reservations, really good pie.

We then foisted the kids off on their third parent so that G. and I could have the evening to ourselves. We went to a low-key housewarming-style party, which was lovely and just our speed. We got them back the next day and kept things low-key. Monday they went off with their cousin to ride bikes and such, and they came back exhausted and apparently ready to have their training wheels hiked up a little more.

We missed the bus again this morning. I think it has crept up a crucial minute or two on the schedule.