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reading tiger

AHH! I have found the perfect scenario for my "mommy porn" idea!

It starts out like a genderbent version of "50 Shades." A young, inexperienced man meets an older woman, severe in her beauty but somehow compelling. He pursues her like a lovesick puppy. She hints that things are more complex than they seem and he might not know what he's getting into. He doesn't care. She accepts his advances, but only under very strict terms, invoking BDSM roles replete with contracts, collars, and all that fun stuff. She then spends a lot of time training him to domestic servitude -- cleaning her kitchen, scrubbing the toilet, and so forth.

There is a forbidden room in her house, of course. Always locked. Very mysterious. He begs her to trust him to see it, and she always refuses, muttering cryptically about secrets he doesn't want to know. Eventually, he gets curious and somehow finds the key. He unlocks the room on the sly -- only to discover it's a child's bedroom. That's her dark secret! She shares custody with her ex, which explains the child's convenient absences that facilitate their liaisons.

I wish I was a faster writer.