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reading tiger

Mommy Porn

I am idly thinking of the term "mommy porn." It's being bandied about again because of the imminent arrival of the 50 Shades of Grey movie. It remains insultingly condescending. I keep trying to figure out if I can do anything fun with the concept. I mean, I started writing erotica in the first place b/c I read some shit stuff and thought, "I can do better!" And I could, and I did. And, hey, now I'm a mom. Tempting to just slap a book together and sell it under the title, honestly, and watch a brain or two explode.


At my last job, my coworkers would take off running across the office to talk about what they'd just read in the series with the person they knew had already read that part.

What I heard talked about the most (which may not be what they thought about the most) was how wonderful it was to read a story of a man taking care of a woman, especially financially. Most of these women were heterosexual single mothers (albeit now of adult or near-adult children) and had experienced money-problems as children and/or adults. Most of these people also said that it was the first romance book they read and now they were hooked.

Also, I read this last week and almost died. http://www.villagevoice.com/2015-01-28/film/four-questions-for-that-angry-bro-who-says-fifty-shades-is-just-porn-for-soccer-moms/

That link! YES. Thank you!
Mommy Is Coming?

*gives you the finger*
*then hides under the covers*