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reading tiger

in other news

I am not planning on attending FogCon this year, although I might be available for a meal in Walnut Creek sometime that weekend, probably Saturdayish. I am, in fact, not planning on attending any cons anywhere for the indefinite future. I'll let you all know if that changes for any reason. Carry on.


Dang, I was hoping to meet you at a con this year since I failed to con last year. I will have to engineer some other way to see you at last.
I vote for the meal option! The kids will be at the con, so you would get to meet them too. I am absolutely not averse to hanging around the lobby of the hotel and chatting, as well.
I just looked at the dates and I can't make plans until the last minute: it all depends on how ornery I am and how fast I recover from surgery Feb. 12. I won't be driving yet but I may be able to strongarm someone to drive me...
I had said I might if the budget worked out. The budget isn't going to work out until I have a job or a really fat long-term contract at the least.