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reading tiger

2014 in Review

* A good friend, former co-worker, former editor and bookseller and all around wonderful person, Suzanne Corson, died suddenly this summer on the very day she moved out of the Bay Area (for family reasons). I miss her tremendously.

* G.'s mother died just before Thanksgiving; we just got back in town from her memorial. G. and the kids got to visit her and say goodbye about a week before she passed.

* I still don't have a job. I still need one. Or more lucrative and long-term freelance contracts.

* The tooth fairy visited for the first (and second, third, and fourth) time.

* I acquired two gorgeous and personality-laden kittens.

* I produced a one-night-only one-woman show, "Unbecoming MILF." Which I really should convert to a video Real Soon Now.

* The kids and I took a week-long trip to my parents over the summer. My laptop died while I was there. I got a new one. The kids got to experience their first thunderstorm.

* My name appeared in the credits of the Sims 4.

* I performed in Dog vs. Cat Haiku, which was a blast.

* I published an essay in The Big Click.

* I had a kidney stone. Possibly also gallstones. The combination necessitated an emergency room visit and a lot of narcotics. Let's never do that again.

Happy New Year!


Oh no. Somehow I hadn't heard about Suzanne's death till now. I'm so sorry, Lori. <3