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reading tiger

Reading Wednesday Wishes You A Happy Christmas Eve

I just finished The Night Circus by Erica Morgenstern this morning. I liked it right up until the very last chapter, which was a coda all about "the magic of stories," and then I felt mildly annoyed and decided the author is likely very young. Well, it turns out that she's not as young as I suspected, but still, a little heavy-handed and self-congratulatory there. The Night Circus is a clever and charming contraption that I would have found absolutely delightful when *I* was younger. As it is, this is actually the fourth time I've tried to start this book; before, I never made it past the first three pages. I'm glad I persevered but I don't think it will stick with me much.


That last chapter really irked me. I found it a fun, light read, but yes, the ending was rather ham-handed.