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reading tiger

my 2014 writing in very brief review

I've actually written several stories this year, but I believe the only thing I've managed to get published in the creative-writing department (as opposed to disposable work-for-hire stuff) is my essay in The Big Click, "Crime in Oakland: A Personal History." Which has been garnering scattered but highly positive feedback, so I am happy.

The rest is on the submission carousel. One story in particular is proving rather hard to place, and it was (is?) actually involved in a small contract squabble you may have heard of in the past few weeks (the squabble didn't involve just me). I really like it, though, and I hope it gets to see the light soon.

Since I had a rather tumultuous year on the personal-life front -- and I'm still working on resolving some of those issues, namely finalizing a divorce and finding a job -- and I know for a fact that it had an adverse impact on my creative capacity, I think I'm OK with my low production. I expect it will pick up again soon.


It sounds to me like you have been keeping on keeping on, wand that's good enough for this year. You'll do more next year!
I haven't had half the year you've had and I'm still looking forward to 2014 being in the rear view mirror.
2014 was better (for me) than 2013. Here's to that trend continuing.