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reading tiger

So yeah, I had a medical adventure this week and ended up last night with a diagnosis of concurrent, coincidental cases of a) one small kidney stone and b) gallstones. I feel much better just knowing what's going on, and as soon as I fill my painkiller prescription I will feel *much* better, I suspect.

School is cancelled today, so the kids and I will be spending the day together listening to the rain and wind.

Finished "Who We Be" while sitting in a nice hospital bed. More details later, but right now let me just say that it's a hard book to sum up in a sentence or two to describe to curious medical personnel.


Damn, feel better.
Blerg! Yay for painkillers!
yikes that is a lot of pain, hope the painkillers work
I've been the gallstones route (and now have no gallbladder), can't imagine both simultaneously. Ow! Feel better!