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reading tiger

Mostly I love the weekly Friday Coffee Circle at the kids' school, where parents sit around for about an hour after drop-off and chat over hot beverages and morning snacks.

But the ritual of temptation/denial/abjection around eating said morning snacks, repeated by nearly every participant *and* passer-by, I could really do without. Eat the donut if you want it or STFU.

(We won't even get into this morning's vasectomy discussion here.)


Vendors bring in food bribes at least once a week in my current and former job, and at former job, this cycle was pronounced and awful, so I'd duck in, get my whatever, and get back to my desk (and headphones). Current job, people don't do that at all. (And there's no diet-talk in the cubes.) I didn't realize how much that attitude towards food pulled me down until it was gone and I could go get a pastry or breakfast burrito without having the "DO NOT ENGAGE THEM DO NOT TELL THEM GUILT DOESN'T MAKE IT TASTE BETTER DO NOT TELL THEM THAT THEY ARE VERY SKINNY AND A DOUGHNUT WOULD LOOK GOOD ON THEM DO NOT" script running through my head.
Oh goodness yes, there is so much of that "temptation/denial/abjection" at work.
I have asked the woman who sits next to me not to police what I eat because I used to have eating issues and it has taken me a long time to accept my food choices. She has taken it on board very well. I don't feel brave enough to say this to my other colleagues.
At least nobody at Coffee Circle polices anyone *else's* choices. Only their own. Loudly and repeatedly. It's still awful.