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reading tiger


One of the things I like about Mills College Children's School: today was the school's annual "community celebration," in which the kids perform a song, the Parent-Family Association makes a little presentation, and then we all eat potluck-style. And, of course, the head of school gets up to make a little speech.

Today, Ms. Brown got up to make her speech and said (I paraphrase): "I thought a lot about what to say today because my heart is heavy since last night with things I won't talk about right now." No preamble. I kinda wanted to give her a hug, to be honest. I kind of wanted to give the whole school a hug. Which is kind of what a community celebration is, or can function as.

My heart is heavy since last night with things I don't want to talk about right now. And heavy with other things, too. I don't think I've made note of it here but Grandie passed over the weekend and we are in the midst of making arrangements to go back to Ohio for the funeral next month.

I lifted my heart by setting the table, by serving the food, by eating and enjoying it and the company of the people who brought it. In the bright California late-autumn sun.