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reading tiger

Reading Wednesday Is Back On Track

I have read all of "Phantasm Japan" except the last long illustrated novelette. Positive comments forthcoming when I'm done.

I also read, as planned, the second and third volumes of Zita the Spacegirl, and now I have also read one and a half of those volumes to the kids as bedtime stories. Reading comics aloud can be odd; I do a lot of sound effects and pointing and querying as to whether they followed what happened from panel to panel. (The answer is almost always yes.) This is why I sometimes have a moratorium on comics as bedtime stories. This time I flipped it into "I bet you can probably read it yourself!" And so April snuck a peek at "Return of Zita" and keeps trying to tell Simone what happened as a way to show off. This is the genesis of anti-spoiler culture, right here. I have never, ever, ever in my life uttered the words "don't tell her what happens! Let her find out for herself!" before this week, but here we are.