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reading tiger

I would love, love, love if someday people would recognize that "but Author X has tons of Y friends and they were consulted and signed off on this character portrayal, so we know s/he is not Y-phobic" is as illegitimate as saying "This character portrayal is problematic, therefore the author is Y-phobic."

To be extra-clear: I would love it if we could talk about the *text* here, please, and not erase valid critiques with a "but they're a nice person!" protestations.

And vice-versa.

I would love it, but I am not counting on it. Also, if you squint, there is an arrow pointing to the heart of the problem with fandom here.


Thank you.
Nice people can fuck up.
Assholes can do stuff right on occasion.
Why is this so hard for people?

Your last sentence is so dead on.
I had several amazing teachers in senior year of high school and freshman year of college who empathized looking past rigid dichotomies. I'm sure they got very tired of saying, "there is more than one meaning" or "several things are going on" pointing out again and again that art, artist, depiction and meaning can be read separately, but it made me a better person.
If only actually telling them this would get them to understand this. Still, glad you're saying it. Makes me feel less nuts.