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reading tiger

a short follow-up note re: potlucks

I should note, apropos my previous post, that I am aware I am in the minority when it comes to my unabashed love of potlucks. I love potlucks. I LOVE potlucks. I particularly love potlucks as a community-building activity. We share our food, we spend time together, we each learn a little bit about each other. I don't judge what people bring, as long as it's food they like or like sharing.

I know a lot of people find potlucks burdensome and/or anxiety-making. And I understand why. But nonetheless, I have a big soft spot for them. I mean, I have such a big soft spot for them I occasionally have wistful thoughts about church communities I've never belonged to. I miss office parties, too. And, yes, even the lesbian potlucks with their orthorexic vegetarian casseroles. I know that, particularly as a parent, I probably have many more potlucks in my future and no need to fear their disappearance from my life. I look forward to the next one.*

*Which is probably in November. "Commmunity Celebration," a.k.a. Thanksgiving-without-the-problematic-colonization-narrative-stuff.


you could always take up shapenote singing!
I love potlucks too! It's neat to see what everyone brings and what their tastes are, what they like to share, etc. it is easier when there are no dietry restrictions to consider and I'm less fond of "theme" potlucks, but I love them all the same!
My only pet peeve about potlucks is when people take the luck out of the pot and assign types of dishes. That ruins everything!

Potluck means you learn about someone's special family recipe. Potluck means you might end up with 15 cakes and one salad because everyone was in the mood for cake and then you can laugh about that potluck for years.

For most of us, a potluck is not our only meal of the day and we can afford the risk of one unbalanced meal. If everyone brings a dish they are willing to eat, then no one will starve.

That's the kind of potluck I love.
...I really like potlucks too. I would die of pleasure at a vegetarian potluck. Just. Die.