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reading tiger

The Long-Lost Weekend Update Returns

One of the reasons I don't write here as much any more (not that I have any plans on leaving) is sheer exhaustion*. Ok, coupled with my aversion to narrative recaps. This is at odds with my desire to keep at least a sketchy record of my activities for posterity, but life is full of contradictions.

Thus, the return of the weekend update.

Friday night: I participated in Cat vs. Dog Haiku at Mission Critter. The format: three rounds, five haiku each reader. I was on Team Cat and I led off each round as first reader. Just so you know how fierce the competition was, postmaudlin was the Team Dog anchor. The match-up ended in a tie, and more importantly, everyone was fantastic and had a great time.

We took the kids in with us because we figured (unlike many of my readings, cough) this would be the perfect opportunity for them to hear Mommy read aloud, plus the topic was of interest and the setting too. We arrived in SF early so we took a detour to Mission Pie for a snack. Mission Pie remains heavenly. I had pumpkin, and so did the kids; G. had walnut pie. So good. I want to make a walnut pie now the next time the freezer fills up with nuts from the farm share.

Saturday was the Walk-a-Thon for Mills College Children's School. This year, April walked 26 laps and Simone walked 15. We hung out with kids and parents and chatted. I miss the potluck "Fall Festival" that used to launch the school year; it was a nice way to get to know other families. But this was still a nice way to spend the day.

Sunday we went to Ardenwood to pick out pumpkins with Shayna and folks and have a picnic and visit some farm animals, too. It was hot. We were tired. But we had a good time anyway. And our trunk is now full of big pumpkins, little pumpkins, white "ghost" pumpkins and stolid orange pumpkins, variegated "goblin eggs" and supersaturated red pumpkins. Now all that's left is to carve them. Not to soon, or they'll rot and/or the squirrels will eat them. Not to late or we'll be all worn out again.

* My exhaustion is compounded at the moment by the fact that, due to vagaries in scheduling, I have been on deadline a solid month. Done now! Hooray!


Damn, now I want pie.