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reading tiger

ObWednesday ObReading

Almost finished with "A Mermaid in Chelsea Creek." Enjoying it a lot more than I expected to. The scene where the main character first meets the cranky Polish mermaid who has been waiting for her in the filthy, tiny creek was so delightful I had to read it out loud to G. (I oppress everyone in my life with read-out-loud moments. You have been warned.)

I am also reading "Coraline" aloud to the kids. I picked it because it was short and on hand and and creepy and we are in a phase of loving creepy things, a trend that will only pick up as we approach Halloween. Apparently it is not creepy enough, though -- it is an incredibly reliable tool to help them fall asleep. We'll see how the next book goes. We should finish this one tonight.


There was one bit of Coraline that absolutely terrified Simon -- the ghost children in the cupboard. He was fine with everything else, but that one scene was just a bit too much.
Your kids are tougher than me. I thought Coraline was totally creepy!