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reading tiger

Wednesday, Reading

I thought for a while there I wasn't going to be able to post this today because I had a service outage in my neighborhood that was estimated to end about the time I have to leave to pick up the kids from school. But it's fixed now, so here I am. I finished "Out," which was great. I have some tiny, tiny reservations about the denouement, but they are miniscule writerly nitpicks that aren't even worth discussing here. I don't even mean style questions, I mean "if I were writing this book" thoughts, and, well, I was *not* writing that book, so really I should shut up already.

I've just started Michelle Tea's "A Mermaid in Chelsea Creek." Also (yes, there is a link here) I am looking for a book to read aloud to the kids. I think, after a rapidly-moving FaceBook discussion this morning, that it's going to be "Charlotte's Web," but I am still entertaining other suggestions for the future. Girl/women and POC protagonists prioritized; fantasy is great, scary is great, something that *I* will enjoy reading aloud is crucial, and I am actively trying to avoid "the usual suspects" (e.g. Harry Potter) mostly because of the lattermost point. Vocabulary/reading level is mostly irrelevant (although I don't think the kids are up for Dickens yet/still. They did fine with Alice in Wonderland, though, which is trickier than you might remember, and subtler too, at least if you're six).


What about A Wizard of Earthsea, first book in the Trilogy (Quatrology?) POC protagonists, book starts off with the main character at around 6 years old. If you and they like it, the 2nd book has a girl/woman protagonist.
I am a big fan of the Earthsea series. They might like it, too, it's true.
I rec anything by Tamora Pierce, the "Circle" series is probably the most age-appropriate entry point. If you're reading dead trees I can't help you, but if you're reading e-books pm me and I can send you copies. Fantasy, girl-centered, feminist, more POC than the genre usually entertains.
Yes, I am currently still doing dead trees.
Sabriel (Abhorsen) by Garth Nix?
China Mieville's young adult stuff is excellent. They would probably love Un Lun Dun or Railsea :)
Have you already read The True Meaning of Smekday?
Nope, but it's on the list now.