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reading tiger

When I say I always cry at movies, the emphasis is on 'always'...

It is an indication of how emotionally depleted I am right now that Guardians of the Galaxy made me cry. Most of it was the music, which is cheating. (Tammi Terrell and Marvin Gaye *fuck me up* these days, entirely because of their tragic personal stories and how they intertwine and the contrast between that and the bright, sunny tone of the actual duets. And "Oooh Child" is just unfair.) Some of it, though, was that the thematic material -- such as it was, I mean I am aware of what movie we're talking about here, I haven't *completely* lost it -- was all about coping with loss and grief.

So, the rational part of my brain recognized it as a well-executed, fun, essentially slight summer movie, a fine way to spend two hours in a dark room next to someone I love. We found out that the armrests at the Grand Lake can be raised out of the way like airplane seats. Awesome.


The things that can make me cry . . . it's always stuff like that.

Music, definitely music. Movies, almost just the flicker of the lights overhead is enough.

Calendars open to the appropriate date.

And so on.
I completely understand, and it can very much depend on your emotional state. Three examples for me:
1. Shortly before we got married, Penny and I went to see the Steve Martin movie 'Parenthood' and I was in floods of tears at the end. Not because I thought it was particularly sad, but more because it made me really angry. My family was going through a slow, years-long falling-apart at the time and the trite way the film solved all its problems really upset me. I've not watched it since and I don't know whether I'd be more indulgent now. Possibly not.

2. Too complicated to explain without describing the whole plot was an episode of The Clangers. Suffice it to say it involved a young Clanger and a soft toy.

3. When we first watched the anime Fruits Basket, we had to stop for half an hour part way through the final episode because I was absolutely _devastated_. To this day I can't tell you why it affected me so emotionally.
Yeah, it got to me, too. But no surprise there: I always cry at superhero movies.