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reading tiger

On Wednesday I Tell You What I Am Reading. It's a Thing.

I'm about halfway through Rides of the Midway, which is entertaining enough to keep me reading but occasionally head-scratchingly off. Like, for example, there's a key bit where the main character is out with his high school girlfriend and he hears over the radio that Lynyrd Skynyrd's plane has crashed. Later that same evening, his very drunk girlfriend is explaining that she's such a good cheerleader because she rips off the moves of the black cheerleaders from opposing teams. And then she says that they're so good they even make up cheers based on songs from the radio, and then quotes "The Roof is On Fire" (presumably the original). Only thing is, there's an approximately seven-year gap between those two things. Rides of the Midway is the kind of book where I am not 100% this is an error rather than intentional. On the other hand, if it's intentional, I shouldn't be in doubt. There are a couple other (I presume) sloppy writing moments, like "he fueled more wood onto the fire," which also make it hard to tell.

I have just gotten to the point where he is going to have an affair with one of his college professors, and I suspect I am going to be annoyed because a) the main character is way too much of a dope to either deserve such a thing or make it plausible, and b) because she's going to turn out to be a much more interesting character than he is. This is a recurring problem with the women in this book, to be honest. I think that I might not be the intended audience for this novel, if you catch my drift. I think it's maybe a bit too "boy's own" for my taste. Interestingly enough, I keep comparing it in my head to Haircuts of the Damned and the latter looks better and better every time I do. Sorry, Mr. Durkee. Least I haven't quit yet.