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reading tiger

Reading Wednesday!

I finished A Tale for the Time Being. I enjoyed it very much. It's a thoughtful, chewy book, but the voice of teenage Nao also keeps it lively. In some ways it was the perfect book for a middle-aged frustrated writer who has somewhat recently dealt with the death by suicide of close friends to read, if you can see what I mean.

I like the trick of how Ozeki made it not a memoir. And that got me thinking, too.

P.S. it's a science fiction book. Complete with appendix on the Many-Worlds Hypothesis (which is B.S., but fictively fertile B.S. always).

So now I am back to reading Rides of the Midway but it's not the same, and I am having that problem of "what do you read after reading a really good book?" I'm sure I'll figure something out.


If we cannot interact with those worlds in any way (and therefore test the idea) then the point is moot.

The appendix, btw, is thematically relevant to the story for more than just its discussion of the theory.
I listened to it, and Ozeki (who narrated) included a coda about how the printed version is in some ways different from the narrated version, and one of the differences is a lack of that appendix. If the book is yours, could I borrow for a couple days? I'd like to read it. (Although I'm sure I could also reserve it at the library and read the appendix there.)
I checked it out of the library, alas, and returned it (overdue...) today.