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reading tiger

Simone has declared that she is a fairy today, and that boy-fairies wear dresses, so she is wearing a dress.

And hair clips. And yellow eyeshadow.


Of course they do.

Boy-fairies wear dresses exactly when they feel like it, and yellow eyeshadow is the right kind to wear on a late summer day.
It matches the dress, of course. She was v. disappointed that I did not also have yellow lipstick as well. Sorry, dandelion fairy. (dandy lion fairy!)
Hint - scraping some eyeshadow onto a plate, and mixing with lip gloss or Vaseline, can sometimes produce a happy effect. Yellow can be hard though.

Also, the Radical Faeries certainly agree with her, as I'm sure you know.
Thanks for the hint :)

Your kids rule.

Which you already know, of course, but thank you for continuing to share these wonderful developments in their personal style.

Yes. Thank you for parenting such interesting people!