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reading tiger

Is It Reading Wednesday Already? The Library Edition!

Why yes it is!

Last Friday the kids and I walked down to the local branch of the library (Lakeview), as is our weeklyish summer habit. For the very first time, I checked out a book for myself, too; frankly, I'm usually I'm not so interested in the somewhat wan offerings of our tiny branch library, seeing as my tastes are usually a bit esoteric. I plan on getting in the habit of getting down to the main library branch once in a while instead, especially as my book-buying budget has drastically contracted recently. But this time, I was on the hunt for a particular recent release. And like any good branch library, Lakeview had *three* copies of the "hot pick" book I was looking for this time.

So now I am happily ensconced in Ruth Ozeki's "A Tale for the Time Being."

The only thing is, it's due back on Friday and I don't think I'm going to make it. And I also don't know if I can renew "hot picks." We'll see!