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reading tiger

I had a lovely day in the sun at Cull Canyon in Castro Valley, where there is a man-made lagoon perfect for wading and, when the morning starts out overcast and cold, a not-too-crowded sandy beach upon which to lounge the afternoon away. I got a ride down with Stephanie, formerly of the East Bay Play Dates, and we met up with some of her parent-friends from her kid's school -- one of whom knew me from Our Family Coalition events. The kids all got along famously and spent hours playing Pool Ninjago.

I may have neglected to put on enough sunscreen. Especially on my pasty-white ankles, which are now prickly and red. Also, wet sand is the best exfoliant in the world, particularly for feet.

All in all, it was a really pleasant outing with friendly parenting folks more or less on the same wavelength as I am, and how common is that?

They get more pool time tomorrow with Shayna, while I get a day to myself to write and pound the virtual pavement for paying work.