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reading tiger

Other Stuff

1. The kids just had two solid weeks of full-time summer camp. First at Mills, where they did Circus Arts stuff, then at Fairyland, where they did Superhero stuff. Both camps ended with a short performance; at Fairyland, the kids wrote it themselves, with the expected hilarious results.

I had a very nice time, too, walking them down the hill to Fairyland every morning. Some days I would walk by Whole Foods and get myself a cherry hand-pie for second breakfast; other days I rode the bus up to Lakeshore and ran errands before heading home.

2. This Monday, the kids got to attend a job interview for their teacher-to-be. Each candidate taught a sample lesson to live children; one was on poetry, one was on sedimentation. "Every rock tells a story," Simone told me solemnly, carrying her plastic cup full of dirt and stones home on the bus. The whole process delights me more than I can possibly convey.

3. Now we are back to part-time camp and part-time home with me. Camp alleviates the desperate need to keep these kids occupied all the time; they're old enough now that I can let them play in the back yard for an hour or so, or just walk down to Lakeshore (or Mosswood if we feel ambitious). We still may try a day trip or two to the city, or up to Berkeley somewhere, before school starts up again. But all in all I am enjoying my lazy summer.

4. I need work. Freelance work especially, long-term part-time contracts a dream come true, but office jobs considered too. Send your leads my way, please.

5. "Wow, Mom, Daddy sure has a lot of records. "Actually, kid, all of those are mine; I have a lot more than your Dad does. And, by the way, they're called CDs." Just wait until she finds out how quaintly antique those shiny discs really are.


if you get them a record player I have some LPs for you. or rather - I may just buy my favorite all time kids LPs for you on Ebay to continue the tradition even though I can't quite part with my own.