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reading tiger

Reading Wednesday Is Back On Schedule

I finished "We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves." I loved it. I am pleased to know that Karen Joy Fowler finally got to write her "chimpanzee book," which she was just beginning back when I attended Clarion in ye olde days, and which I checked in with her about just after "The Jane Austen Book Club" hit it big and she said to me, "well, my agent thinks that maybe we shouldn't make that book the next one right after this one, so..." and I made a sad face. It was worth the wait. It's morally complex without being wishy-washy, and it's also compulsively readable, as they like to say. I can quite clearly see the influence of her friendship with Ruth Ozeki on this book (Ozeki is thanked in the acknowledgments) and I recommend this book to any fans of the latter.

Seriously, this book is probably on my "top ten books of the last decade" list. Head and shoulders above so much of what I read, which isn't exactly potboilers if you know what I mean.

Now I am reading "Rides of the Midway" by Lee Durkee, chosen entirely by chance. I've had it for years, hanging around, waiting for its turn. So far so good but I am not very far.

I am also reading "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" aloud to my kids at night. Two chapters at a time. They seem to be enjoying it well enough. They particularly enjoyed my rendition of the caterpillar.


I just read My Year of Meats (and thus became majorly into Ozeki) - very excited to see her name in one of your Wednesday posts. I'll have to check out this Fowler book!
I really loved My Year of Meats. One of my favorites. Can't wait to read her new one.
Same here. Such a unique book, both in content and form. I've recommended it to everyone. And like I said, it's so nice to see her name pop up - it was the second time today, believe it or not. I just finished Jane Hamilton's debut novel a few hours ago and Googled "book of ruth interview", and Ozeki was one of the first results ;)

Looking forward to the new book, which incidentally gets a rave from Junot Diaz.
I've been wanting to read this. Nice to have your recommendation!
I read Tale for the Time Being right before We Are Completely Beside Ourselves and thought, hmmm, there's something in the air. This connection makes much more sense. I also really enjoyed the chimp book.
Same here, though in the reverse order. Both really fantastic books, much more thoughtful than they needed to be, which always feels like a gift.
I just finished that last week and loved it. I really loved the way the structure added so much to the story.