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reading tiger

Her: A Complaint

I watched Her on the big screen in my living room Friday night. I tried to give it a decent shot, I really did. But the early phone sex scene just did it in for me. I went into full-on snark mode and never came out.

Sorry, G.

Every single woman save one (and including Virtual Scarlett Johannson) is portrayed as full of hysterical inexplicable emotions that are scary and spiky and can't be resolved. And Theodore Twombly (!) was such a goddamn wet rag that if a woman had written the screenplay, there would be complaints all up and down about how unrealistically sensitive and dweebish he was and real men just aren't that way. (Ask me how I know. :P)

Except of course he's not actually sensitive or he wouldn't keep saying that line about how nice it is to be dating someone this time who actually finds joy in life and then wondering why the women he says it to suddenly turn cold.

And all the rest of the interesting thematic stuff is turned straightaway into typical pointlessly grinding relationship conflict. OMG! He's jealous that she's in love with 641 other people! And she doesn't understand! How probing and revealing.

I very much do not get why this was supposed to be such a good movie. "Give it a chance!" I gave it a chance, and it gave me a woman with a dead cat fetish.


It must have white middle class monogamy issues night, because we watched Sleepwalk With Me. I enjoyed it though.
Thanks for the review--I suspect I'd have the same problems with this film.
Quit on it a half-hour in for no particular reason, maybe part way into the date scene. Just seemed nowhere near as good as people were claiming.

Thank you.

I thought the phone sex scene was the high point of the film. Hated it entirely.