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reading tiger

Reading Wednesday Is Apologetic

I got a lot done yesterday! But posting was not one of those things. So Reading Wednesday happens today instead. It is a virtual Wednesday. A conceptual Wednesday. A Wednesday in spirit.

I have started reading "We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves" by Karen Joy Fowler. So far so good. I am also reading "Fast Machine" by Elizabeth Ellen. Slower but interesting. Funny that it should be slower, since it's a collection of very short stories. I think part of it's just the physical layout -- small pages, tiny print. I'm getting older and I have built-in reading glasses now and these things begin to make a difference. But also, I think that with short stories, you have to re-buy-in every few pages, while with a novel the buy-in tends to happen once and then you can just keep going until the end. Is this the sunk-cost fallacy in action? Could be. I'm not one of those people who finishes a book once I've started No Matter What, though,* so maybe not so much.

I found my copy of Kiese Laymon's essays, by the way, and so I think that might be on the horizon soon.

* In theory, I walk out of movies, too. In practice, I usually fall asleep. (See: Why I Hate Solaris. The Russian version, not the remake.) These days I fall asleep watching movies I like, too, though. I blame parenting twins.